About Master Amitis Pourarian

Master Amitis Pourarian is an 8th Degree Black Belt and Master instructor in the art of Taekwondo. She is known for being one of the highest ranking youngest martial arts females in the world.


Originally from Iran, she immigrated to the US in 1983. Her parents rebuilt and started from scratch. Her father, taking his civil engineering and development experience from his home country, started a construction company while her mother became a prominent real estate agent. Master Pourarian followed in both of their footsteps and is a licensed broker and general contractor.


She also furthered her education by getting her Bachelor’s in Business, with a concentration in Strategic Management, and another in Operations Management, with a minor in Communications. She also has a Master's Degree from Stanford University in Construction Management under the Civil Engineering Department.


She is a serial entrepreneur as CEO of THE STUDIO Martial Arts Fitness, CEO of TRISIS Real Estate Brokerage firm (focusing on residential and commercial real estate), Managing Partner of Donna’s Delights Baked Good Co, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Power of Women (non-profit charity organization), Co-Founder and Vice-President of Moo Do Taekwondo Association.


Since a young age, Master Pourarian has studied martial arts and eventually became a junior leader, instructor, Master, Grandmaster, and school owner. Her martial arts skills led her to many National titles, as well as a spot on the United States National Taekwondo Team.


As the owner of THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness, she has propelled her school to be the recipient of the Best of the Best and Reader's Choice Awards for the Best Martial Arts School and Best Instructor for 10 consecutive years. THE STUDIO focuses on martial arts, specialty fitness, and Ninja Obstacle Course training. Master Pourarian has trained numerous National Champions in Taekwondo, as well as ninja obstacle course athletes/competitors that were selected to be on the show American Ninja Warrior.


Her school consists of over 900 martial artist, fitness, and ninja members, and yields 7-figure revenues annually in a single location, putting her in the 1 percentile for revenue generators in the nation for martial arts schools. She is the founder of the trademarked programs, BAM (Bad A** Moms, BAD (BAD A** Dads), Wise Warriors, and ACKC (Amitis' Cardio Kickbox Class). She doesn't measure her success by how many students she has or how well the business does; but by how many lives she changes for the better, and by her contributions to her community. Her motivation for doing what she does comes from seeing the transformation that her members go through in getting to the next best version of themselves and knowing she contributed to it.


Charitable contributions are a huge part of what Master Pourarian stands for. She has donated over $1m in services and monetary donations to organizations, non-profits, and those in need. She runs the "Martial Arts for All" (a program that sponsors students that otherwise would not be able to afford martial arts), THE STUDIO Summer of Service project, THE STUDIO Sockdrive, and THE STUDIO Blessing Bag project, to name a few of her community programs. She is also the Co-Founder of Power of 100 Women, a charitable organization that raises funds for local non-profit organizations.


She contributes to the growth and development of the TKD community through her position as Vice-President and Co-Founder of the Moo Do Taekwondo Association and, also, by being a national guest-speaker in the martial arts community. She has been internationally recognized by the Kukkiwon, UWTA, Moo Do and Taekwondowon for her contributions to the growth and dissemination of Taekwondo. The business world, as well as her community, have recognized her contributions by naming her the winner of the Fox40 Sacramento Region Remarkable Women award and recipient of the National Association of Women Business Owners-Vision Award, amongst many other prestigious awards.


A Snapshot Bio

  • Bachelors in Business (Operations Management, Strategic Management, Communications)-CSUS
  • Master's Degree in Construction Management-Stanford University
  • General Contractor
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Construction Project Executive of $300+ million projects
  • 8th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo
  • Former U.S. National Team Member for Taekwondo
  • 4x National Taekwondo Champion
  • Certified Grand Master Taekwondo Instructor
  • CEO of TRISIS Real Estate & Construction
  • CEO of THE STUDIO Martial Arts & Fitness
  • Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Donna's Delights (Gluten Free and Protein Baked GoodsCo)
  • Co-Founder of Power of Women (Non-profit Charity Organization)
  • Co-Founder of Moo Do Taekwondo Association
  • Vice-President of U.S. Operations-Moo Do Taekwondo Association
  • Former Construction Project Executive for $300+ million projects
  • 1 percentile of revenue generating martial arts schools in the nation
  • 900+ members in single martial arts and fitness location
  • National Speaker KAMA, ASA, Moo Do, 101 Most Powerful Women, Business Development Seminar, etc
  • Coach of Numerous National Champions
  • Trainer of American Ninja Warriors TV Show contestants
  • Creator of trademarked martial arts and fitness programs
    • BAM (Bad A** Moms)
    • BAD (BAD A** Dads)
    • Wise Warriors
    • ACKC (Amitis' Cardio Kickbox Class)
  • Best of the Best Award Recipient-10 consecutive years for Best Martial Arts School and Best Martial Arts Instructor
  • Reader's Choice Award Winner-10 consecutive years for Best Martial Arts School and Best Martial Arts Instructor
  • International award recognition by Kukkiwon, Taekwondowon, Moo Do Taekwondo Association
  • National Association of Women Business Owners - Vision Award Recipient
  • Fox40 Remarkable Women Winner - Woman of the Year
  • Philanthropist-Raised and donated over $1m plus in services and money to charities and those in need